PORTO, Portugal: de Liceiras 18


Gulls shriek warnings of the end-of-days (all day every day). The city crumbles but old and broken things thrive here. There is stubborn resilience and not a right angle to be found.

During this unexpected second leg of my journey I dyed wool with onions.


EMPATHY SUIT (lumpsuit/potato costume)

(Work In Progress)

Handmade from Portuguese wool, and hand-dyed from a selection of local onions and other produce.

EMPATHY SUIT provides a visual/tactile metaphor for the multi-sensory experience of chronic illness and chronic pain. A diverse network of interconnected knots, the suit mimics lines of connectivity and sensory awareness which can bring us closer to, or isolate us from our own bodies, surrounding communities, and the world at large.

For lumpsuit updates and more follow on instagram: @littlestnoodle


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