Medically Inspired Art

2016 came and went in a sometimes literal blur. While there are many days I don’t remember, I have a large body of work to help me trace back through the days. With a special thank you to the teams of doctors, family, friends and neighbors who helped me stay alive and industrious- here’s a small sampling of the medically inspired art produced over the course of the year.


A small selection of GIF animations made from medical test images/files, collections of moss and lichen, and slices of my stomach and a dogwood tree.


Digital collage with film stills of the late Kosciuszko Bridge, Lichen, Chipped Paint, Rusty Walls, and Abdominal CT scans.


“Imperfect Bodies” sketches from group drawing lessons at the Metropolitan Museum become a mini-zine circulated by Lady Art NYC


And of course- Flux Factory’s Artificial Retirement, which exhibited the gastric/lunar textile series In Honor of Imperfection: Celestial Bodies in an Urban Sphere


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